Shoally Creek Elementary School

Weekly Update for February 15, 2016

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Hello, Future Shoally Creek Staff Members!!

I hope you all are enjoying your inclement weather day today! Not sure that today will be as exciting as the surprise snow event that took place last Friday was, though!!??

It certainly was enjoyable for me getting to meet many of you throughout last week during my weekly school visits! There were just a few of you at each school that I missed being able to chat with, but I am really hopeful that this week we will be able to speak!

In order to keep you informed about upcoming events, information, and construction pictures related to Shoally Creek Elementary, I plan to provide you all with weekly updates via this S'more flyer. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact me...this might be a great way for us to communicate questions/answers that many of us have about this process.

I can't praise and say enough about Michelle, Tammy, and Tina for their positive support during this exciting time! Their partnership is so valuable to the success of this transition throughout the coming weeks and months ahead. I so appreciate each of these ladies!

Below you will see some pictures that Laura Szynalski and I took while visiting the school on Friday! It was cold and snowing at the time, but we enjoyed snapping some pictures to share with you! Laura and I can't wait to get you all out on the site of the school soon!!!

The First-Ever Shoally Creek Elementary School Staff

I am thrilled to announce the following staff members as the first ever staff at Shoally Creek Elementary School for the 2016-2017 school year:

Tonya Atkins (teacher)

Misty Bonasia (teaching assistant)

Kristy Bridges (teaching assistant)

Lyndsi Burgess (teacher)

Shannon Daniel (teacher)

Rebecca Edwards (teacher)

Katie Farr (teacher)

Amy Flynn (teacher)

Linda Galloway (teaching assistant)

Anna Gibbs (teacher)

Courtney Glover (teacher)

Melissa Guerrero (teacher)

Hannah Hamrick (teacher)

Amy Haney (teaching assistant)

Joann Hines (Bookkeeper)

John Jackson (teacher)

Alison Kickler (computer assistant)

Amanda Kosiorek (ESOL)

Jessica McConnaughey (teacher)

Morgan McNeill (teacher)

Calley Mills (teacher)

Misti Motte (teaching assistant)

Nancy Needy (teacher)

Beth Newman (teaching assistant)

Taylor Outen (teacher)

Laura Parker (PE)

Carolyn Reece (Power School Operator/Receptionist)

Bethany Revis (teacher)

Autumn Schafer (teacher)

Clancy Stinson (teacher)

Marcie Stanford (media assistant)

Laura Szynalski (Assistant Principal)

Brittany White (teacher)

Jessica Yates (Guidance Counselor)

FYI: We have posted the following SCE positions and will conduct interviews after the application window closes in March: Art, Music, Media Specialist, Literacy Coach, Math Coach, and Custodial Staff. I look forward to calling upon some of you to sit on interview teams with Laura and I once interviews are scheduled.

Contact Information

Laura Meyer, Principal

Shoally Creek Elementary School

3777 Parris Bridge Road

Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316