Comma Rules

Comma rules

Rule 10 and 9

#10-Use commas to separate three or more items.

  • example: Billy, Bunyip , and a rare copybarra.

#9-Use commas when writing an informal letter after the opening and closing.

  • example: Dear Mrs. Bunyip,

I like burritos.

Sincerely, Butterking

Rule 8 and 7

Rule #8-Use commas in addresses and dates.

  • example: Monday Jan. 16th, I said Squid don't eat at Chipotle, they eat burgers.

Rule #7-Use commas when addressing a person to set off a name.

  • example: Hey Billy, would you like to own Mcdonalds?

Rule 6 and 5

Rule #6- Use a comma with short expression's such as ,well, yes, no, sure, and oh.

  • example: Yes, Messi loves Argentinian sand boxes and McDonalds chicken nuggets!

Rule #5- Use commas with direct quotations.

  • example: Billy said, " Bunyip fell in the trash can."

Rule 4 and 3

Rule #4- Use comma's to join two sentence's before the words and, but, for, so, yet, or, nor.

  • example: Yes I can jump, But it is one inch taller than one inch.

Rule #3- Use comma's before and after words that may interrupt the flow of thought.

  • example: Billy was riding his bike then ,boom!, he hit a mailbox and yelled "OUCH!!!!."

Rule 2 and 1

Rule #2- How Use comma's to set off a transitional words or expressions .

  • example: Most ,Billy's, are ugly and smelly.

Rule #1- Use commas after introductory elements.

  • example: After all my activities, I go to water buffalo world and eat their home maid McDonald's soup.