What is a flood?

A flood happens when there is too much water on land that is very dry. One way this can happen is when a river overflows its banks. This might be because a beaver dam is too bigand plugs up the water. Sometimes a tsunami can cause a flood, too. It can also happen when the rain keeps on coming.

Kinds of Floods

People usually have lots of time to get away from the area because floods take hours or days to form. There are also flashflood that can be there in a flash giving the people no time to leave. There are also floods that are called hundred-year floods which are really big and destroy everything in its path.
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What damage do floods do?

Floods cause lots of damage and cost lots of money. They kill about 140 people each year. Floods are moving water. Moving water can carry away buildings, trees, and cars. It picks up lots of mud under buildings and causes them to tumble down.

Floods Around the World

In 1927, the Mississippi River flooded. The water was thirty feet about the ground. It caused billions of dollars of damage and up to one million people lost their homes.

In November 2015, South Asia experienced some major flooding due to a lot of rainfall. It happened in the monsoon season. Millions of people lost their homes and more than 200 people have died or are lost in India. Many more died in other areas.

Videos And Pictures

flash flood on i-15 30 miles north of las vegas

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