Alcohol In The Body

What Alcohol Can Do To Your Body

Short Term Affects That Alcohol Has

Some short term affects that alcohol has are a relaxed feeling, slurred speech, altered emotions, poor vision, low body temperature, vomiting, passing out, and possibly death.

Long Term Affects

Many people all across the world abuse alcohol and do not know how much damage they are doing themselves in the long run. Long term affects include liver damage and cirrhosis in your liver, loss of brain cells, stomach ulcers and destroyed organs, heart disease, sperm production reduces, and possibly death.

What Alcohol Does To Your Liver

Your liver can handle a little bit of alcohol at a time but once you start to drink a lot that is when your liver struggles to handle it. When the alcohol reaches your liver it produces toxic enzymes called acetaldehyde that damages liver cells and causes permanent scarring. It also acts as a diuretic and forces your liver to get water from other places which can give you a very big headache when you wake up hungover.

What Alcohol Does To Your Brain

Alcohol can kill your brain cells and kill complete parts of your brain. It can also give you memory loss, long term and short. Alcohol that does not go to the liver goes straight to brain and could drown your brain.