4T Data Literacy Conference | July 14 - 15, 2016

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The 4T Data Literacy Conference has come to a close. Thank you for spending your valued summer days with us. We have learned a lot and hope you did, too!

If you need SCECH credits, remember to upload your participant form here before July 22.

If you would like to view the archived sessions or download slides or handouts, visit the Schedule page. You can also share this link or newsletter with others.

What's Next for the 4T Conferences?

What's Next for the Data Literacy Team?

  • Blog: We'll continue our weekly blog, where we share our thinking about data, including current events, examples, links to other resources, and more.

  • Professional Development Packages: We'll package the archived webinars with lists of discussion questions so that district leaders and professional learning communities can view the recordings and build local conversations and plans around them.

  • We'll polish up our chapters on this year's themes on data visualization, data comprehension, and data in arguments and publish them online.

  • We'll send a follow-up survey this fall and hope you'll help us learn how you are using conference ideas in your practice.

  • We'll work on new themes (big data with a lens on citizen science, ethical data use, and personal data management) throughout the next school year, creating new PD materials, another virtual conference, and more packaged PD materials.

  • Program evaluator Melissa Johnston will review all the data you've shared with us and analyze it for themes so we can further fuel both practitioner and researcher efforts.

  • In Summer 2017, we'll host another free, virtual conference.

  • By Spring 2017, we'll publish more chapters and PD materials.

We hope you'll continue to be in touch with us as your needs and aha moments pop up.

You can reach us at

Thanks again for joining us on this adventure!

- Kristin Fontichiaro, Angie Oehrli, and the entire team