Dolores Huerta

By:Robert palma

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who was she?

Dolores spent most of her childhood and early adult life in Stockton, California where she and her two brothers moved with their mother, following her parent’s divorce.Her father Juan Fernandez, a farm worker and miner by trade.was a union activist who ran for political office and won a seat in the New Mexico legislature in 1938.
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what did she do?

Dolores Huerta has worked to improve social and economic conditions for farm workers and to fight discrimination. To further her cause, she created the Agricultural Workers Association in 1960. And co-founded what would become the United Farm Workers. Huerta advocated the use of non-violent civil disobedience when necessary. She was arrested 22 different times. In San Francisco in 1988 during a lawful and peaceful protest of the platform of candidate George H.W. Bush, she was severely beaten. Several ribs were broken and she was hospitalized for emergency surgery. The incident was caught on tape which led to a ruling in Huerta’s favor against the San Francisco Police Department. The money she received went directly to benefit farm workers.


Her mothers name Dolores Clara Fernandez was born on April 10, 1930 in Dawson,New mexico.Her father Juan Fernandez was a farm worker and miner, later becoming a state legislator.

Interesting Facts

  1. one of the names she was known for was called Huelga Spanish for "strike
  2. she received a presidential medal of freedom by president Barack Obama on May 29,2012.

  3. Her association will later be named the United Agricultural Workers Organization Committee.
  4. She was a member on the board of the Feminist Majority Foundation.
  5. Huerta and Robert F.Kennedy were together after he won the Democratic presidential Primary election.
  6. The civil rights leader was physically assaulted by San Francisco police officers during a protest that she participated in against the political of Gorge H.W bush.
  7. She is an Honorary chair Democratic Socialist of America .