How to Use Excel


What is Excel?

It is a program for creating rows and columns of lines called a spreadsheet.

What is a column?

Horizontal Letters on top of page that meet up with a row to make a cell.

What is a row?

Vertical Number on left side of page used to help navigate to a specific cell when used with a column letter. When a row and a column meet they make a cell.

Four Functions


Used when adding number in the cells selected.


Finds the average (mean) of all the numbers selected.


Finds the highest number of selected cells.


Finds the lowest number of selected cells.

How to create a chart

How to Move a Chart to a New Sheet

3 Things I Wish to Discuss


Filtering a sheet orders it from either A-Z or Z-A.


You can change the format of the spreadsheet or just a part of the spreadsheet to currency, time, date, etc.


Who doesn't like striking through things? On spreadsheets you can strike right on through those letter.