Aldolf Hitler

His Rise to Power

Is Adolf Hitler good at heart,or was he always evil? I think he was never good! He created a mass killing by murdering millions of Jews! growing up Hitlers father was strict and Hitler was moody, lazy, and had a bad temper!He hated Jews even when he was younger!All in all we will never know why Hitler hated Jews so much, even though he isn't alive he still lives with his terrible decisions.

Do you think Hitler deserved to be bowed down to?It all started when he joined the Nazi party.In 1928 after the great depression Hitler promised society he would put it back to normal!Hitler was like a slithering snake looking for pray!When Hitler decided to run for president he got 13,418,011 votes,I can't believe people liked him that much!I once had an experience when a girl tried to take over and pretend she was the boss of everyone!It isn't fair!Hitler is sneaky and refined and should not be trusted!
So is Adolf Hitler good at heart or was always evil?I still think he was a terrible man!Hitler gained all his fame just from persuading people he was gonna be a good leader.As i said in paragraph 2 i cant believe people liked him!Hitler killed millions of Jews for no reason!Hitler is now dead but is a bad man that deserved to die and he now has to live with all the things he did to 6 million people!Do you want to be like him?