Rapture - a fallen novel

natalee - ann


In book #4 of the fallen series. luce, and her friends have to find the 3 relics , so they can stop the throne and lucifer. Shes also trying to find a stop to the curse with her and her love daniel grigori. They all travel together through europe to find the relics, learn things, and save their friends.


  • Lucinda price
  • daniel grigori
  • cambriel
  • arriane alter
  • gabbe givens
  • roland spanks
  • molly zare
  • dee
  • the elders
  • the outcast
  • the scale
  • lucifer

Character analysis for " luce " price

important event and theme

important event and theme

Theme: You and your friends will have fun together if you all stick together

Important event: The part where they got the first relic which was the golden halo. It was a big start for them in the book


I recommend this book for people who like to read scifi , fictional books. thr book is more towards girls then boys