Piping Plover

By: Siraj Patel and Cole Zinger


The common name for this endagered is Piping Plover. The scientfic name is Chardrius Melodus.
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Location and Habitat

The Piping Plover lives mainly in the Northern Great Plains of North Carolina. Even in the Great Lakes and along the Atlatic coast.
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Why is it endangered?

Many of the coastal beaches traditionally used by piping plovers for nesting have been lost to commercial, residential, and recreational developments. But mostly this species are endagenered because of human interaction and people around their habitats messing with them.

What is being done to protect it?

The species has been put on the Endangered species list in the Great Lakes in 1985. Certain procaution to protect this bird have been taken such as around the Great Lakes and around the Gulf they are making more protecion habitats and cutting off some of their habitats from people to help protect them.

Adult Description of a Piping Plover.

-This bird is a small shorebird

-Legs are moderatley long

-Legs are yellow

-neck is short

back pale tan