Comparing Italy, Chad and Sweden.

By: Artem Hura, Ryan Morris, and Richie Chiara


Population - 61,680,122

Most of the population is aged 54-60

Females live longer than males.

The average life expectancy for males is 79.4

The average life expectancy for females is 84.82

The three biggest cities in Italy are Rome, which is the capital (3.298million), Milan (2.909million) and Bergamo(784,000)

The average population has increased 10 million over the past 50 yrs. And is continuing to grow.

Food supply is steady, not in danger of running out of food or water.

Air pollution from industrial emissions, acid rain is damaging lakes, and unsustainable ways of waste treatment.



Population is 11,412,107. Most of the population is ages 1-14. Girls live longer then men. The average life expectancy in Chad is 49. The population of Chad is increasing. Chad life expectancy rate is 49. The population overtime has increased. The population of Chad will continue to increase. The food supply in Chad is is low and causing many deaths in Chad. It affects population my increasing the death rate. Major concerns of health care are there a little amount of doctors and multiple diseases going around in Chad. There are no current wars going on in Chad, but there are multiple diseases going around in Chad. Major environmental problems in Chad are adequate supply of water and desertification.

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Population- 9.583 million

Most population is under 15 years of age.

Females live longer than males.

Life expectancy - 81.7 years of age.

In 2060 the estimated population of Sweden will be around 11.8 million.

Sweden does not have a secure food supply, so maybe in the future Sweden can run out of food.

Allergies are the biggest issue in Sweden, health wise.

Acid rain damage to soils and lakes; pollution of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

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