By Lauren Couves

How Pesticides Affect Health

Exposure to pesticides can cause severe or mild irritations in your skin or eyes, because the chemicals in pesticides are harmful. Pesticides can also cause a breakdown in your immune system, because your system may have an intolerance to pesticides. You may be exposed to pesticides through contaminated food or beverages.

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State Issue with Pesticides

"On April 10, 2014 the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) was notified by a local newspaper of a suspected pesticide poisoning incident in Douglas County involving pesticides not previously reported in the published literature to be associated with human illness." "All 20 cherry orchard workers reported that they began feeling ill within minutes of exposure to the drifting pesticides."

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National Issue With Pesticides

"Among the estimated two million agricultural workers in the United States, physicians diagnose 10,000 to 20,000 pesticide poisonings each year."

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Global Issue With Pesticides

"Because the arable land is confined to the Nile Valley, heavy use is made of pesticides. For example in 1976, 10 percent of the agricultural land was sprayed with pesticides. Problems resulting from pesticide use were discussed. Sporadic deaths stemming from acute exposure to pesticides, especially parathion (56382) and toxaphene (8001352) have been reported since 1962. Thirty percent of these deaths have resulted from careless application. The other deaths resulted from contamination of food."

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How Pesticides Affect Visual Environment

The incorrect use of pesticides can destroy our wildlife's habitat, because they contaminate the environment, which makes wildlife less likely to live there.

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Pesticide Pollution Prevention

-SNUR The Significant New Use Rule forces manufacturers to tell the EPA before they use new chemicals in products.

-OPP The Office of Pesticide Programs prevents harmful pesticides from being in our country's food by regulating the use of pesticides.

-Pesticide Container Disposal Proper rinsing and disposal of pesticide filled containers will help prevent pesticides from contaminating our land and water.

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Be an Advocate

-Keep harmful products with pesticides away from children, and use those products correctly by reading the labels. “Proper and safe storage, use and supervision of all household products can substantially reduce exposures in the home,” said Steve Owens, assistant administrator of EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances.

-If you buy household products with the Safer Choice label, you are helping the environment because these products are made with safer chemicals.

-Never reuse pesticide containers for anything other than their intended use.

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