Mrs. Smit's Kindergarten News

What happened at school?

Want to get your kiddo talking about what they are doing here at school? Here are a couple questions/subjects to help guide the discussion:

* Can you tell me about coding from the TCE student links?

* What did you learn about measurement?

* Which Gingerbread story that you read this week was your favorite, why?

Mark your Calendar

December 18th- Classroom Holiday Parties

December 19th- Winter Vacation Begins

Last two weeks

Our language arts focus this week was comparing and contrasting different gingerbread man stories. We talked about the characters, setting, problem and solution. We learned that good readers make connections to other things they have read. We will continue to practice this skill all year. As you are reading each night with your child please consider asking them, is this story like any other book we have read, if so, how?

In math your little mathematicians were introduced to the concept of comparing items by length and weight. We talked about measurements and how we can apply that knowledge to our world, don't be surprised if hear them questioning when you bake or cook :)

In writing we are working on Gingerbread stories, great fun!

We have been coding in the the computer lab and in the classroom with our Sphero....we love it!

Thank you so much for the great class party and the wonderful thoughtful gifts! I hope you break is filled with family, love and rest. I will miss your little ones.

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

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