Searching Google Effectively

Computer 7

Evaluating Internet Websites

When you evaluate internet websites, you have to choose your sites carefully. You also have to triangulate your information, which means finding three sites that provide the same info. Check to see if there is an author or organization clearly marked on the site. When you type in your text in the search box on google, at the end, you could put in credible site endings like, .edu, .gov, .org, etc. Most sites that end in .com are public or commercial sites that pay money to be online.

Search Clues

When you type in your content in the search box, have an effective search which means typing in the text 6-8 characters long. Also remember that Google ignores the common words such as and, is, a, to, etc. If your adding numbers, use Boolean characters. (+,-,*)

Searching Google more effectively now is easier!

More Clues...

Some more search clues is using the "Fibonacci sequence". To separate words, or other things, use the pipe line. ( | ) or search OR. For example, Fibonacci | Sequence. It matters what you type in the search box though, so make sure that the order of the key terms are in correct order as well. The symbol ~ searches synonyms.

Citing a Website

To site a website, first use the authors last name, then first name. You never want to site google though. Wikipedia is a good starting point, but not a credible source. Try to find other information on reliable sources and websites. Also, if you want to find the source of a certain picture, just drag that picture to the Google search box and Google will find the source for you.