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Radiance book Summary

Riley died in a car crash and she thinks she's been cheated out of life because she died when she was 12. When she gets to the afterlife everyone has a job decided by the Council ( the spirits that give everyone jobs), and she is no exception. Sense she has a connection to earth she has been given the job of a soul catcher. A soul catchers job is to catch souls who stay on earth and usually haunt people. Her first job is one that no one has ever been able to crack. The ghosts there just don't want to budge, so people aren't thinking that she is going to get them to the afterlife. But the Council underestimated her and she gets the souls to the Here & Now (what the afterlife is called).

Scene from Radiance

I woke up with by sweet yellow lab, Buttercup, licking my face.

"Oh," I remember, today was my first day of school. Most people think that after you die it's smooth sailing from there, but it's not. You have to go to school and everyone was so excited to see me go for the first time. I on the other hand was not, but I tried to look happy about it.

"Are you excited?" my mom asked as I came into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Ya," I lied with fake enthusiasm.

As I dragged myself out of my house I started to get worried.

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