Amazon rain forest

By callaway kobes

Three interesting facts

  1. 10% of the worlds known species live in the Amazon
  2. 70% of the deforestation is due to cattle ranchers
  3. 250,000 natives are estimated to live in there amazon

The challenges the rain forest is facing

  1. Deforestation
  2. Hydroelectric power plant floods
  3. Millions of native people are losing there home and culture


What I have learned

I have learned that the rain forest is a huge piece of land that is covered by trees and other vegetation that is home to around 10% of the worlds animal and authentic natives. But due to logging and cattle ranching the rain forest is being destroyed and we won't be able to get back.

Why is the rain forest important to the people

One reason the rain forest is important is because it supplies 20% of the world oxigen and if we cut all of those tres down were will we get that oxygen back. We will also destroy all of the natives homes if we cut down the rainforest
Click here to learn more about Greenpeace international

Greenpeace international is focusing on stopping deforestation in the amazon.