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Burial Services

There are many options to chose from that is going to suite your loved ones needs. Here you will find a few options to consider. A Traditional Service includes the visitation, the funeral service, and the graveside service. There is another service offered that is a small and simple service. The Graveside Service is composed of a funeral service and graveside service as one service held directly at the graveside. There is often a visitation the evening before the service. Lastly, the Direct Service is a less expensive option that consists of an immediate burial following the passing without a visitation or funeral service.

Cremation Services

Similar to the burial services, there are options for choosing the best service for your loved ones. Much the same as the traditional burial service there is the Traditional Service involved in cremation as well. The Traditional Service begins with choosing your casket and then there will be a visitation and funeral service held. Following the services, the cremation will then take place. The Memorial Service is a service where the cremated remains are not always there, but can me if requested. The Memorial Service is to honor the memory with pictures, songs and stories. This option is a more customized service. Lastly, the Direct Service is a service that just has the cremation completed. The remains are then given to the family members or the cemetery chosen without a visitation or funeral service.

Planning Ahead

Benefits come from planning ahead for both you and your loved ones. Planning ahead gives you the time to prepare for every situation that you and your loved ones may need to overcome. The emotional benefits alone are a wonderful reason to plan ahead. It will give you more time to accomplish the tasks that you are looking for to make it a less worrisome experience for your loved ones. You can choose everything ahead of time so that your service is planned out and your loved ones can focus on what is really important, you. Financially planning ahead also aids in the emotional benefits. You and your loved ones will be able to construct a plan for the finances such as a prepayment plan and avoiding more last minute expenses.