Socialization Flyer


Dejaah Wilder 10-29-13 1A

Parenting as an Adult

Parenthood eventually comes along with adulthood. Family and your peers will be there to help you. Mass Media will have many different programs and books on how to be a good parent.

As a parent you shouldn't fuss, name call, swear, yell at your child. that can cause emotional, and mental problems for the child. they can have symptoms of depression and feel unloved.

A couple should be mentally and emotionally ready before they bring a child in this world.

No child should have to suffer because their parents can't get along, they didn't ask to be here. Your child should always come first .

Most importantly make sure your financially stable

Good communication is something you always need to have with your child.

Family & Mass Media


  • Your family will be able to babysit for you
  • give you gifts for your child (items needed)
  • parenting advice
  • family support
  • child has cousins his/her age to play with

Mass Media-

  • provide books for new parents
  • parenting classes
  • organizations
  • programs for families
  • magazines
  • councelling

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