The Attack on Pearl Harbor

By: Maddie Marshall

Before the Attack

Doing the research I found, Pearl Harbor was not a spur of the moment attack. It is said that Japan practiced the attack until they had a 80% hit rate. To the left is one of the planes that Japan used in the bombing. This attack was caused by tension between the two contrariness. They were negotiation, most likely over trade. People knew war was coming, but did not know how, and did not expect this.

Pearl Harbor was very unprepared. This was because intelligence thought that an attack would not be so close to the U.S. It would be hard for Japan to go 4,000 miles, just to attack near the U.S.

During the Attack

The attack happened right before eight P.M. During the attack, a 1,800 lb bomb was dropped on the USS Arizona. Around 1,000 men were trapped, and killed. The Japanese destroyed, or wrecked 18 battleships, and almost 300 planes. There were 2,500 men killed and 1,000 more injured. The aircraft carriers, however, were not destroyed. Because of this, the U.S. was able to get battle ready quickly.

Damage Caused...

The Affect of the Attack

The attack itself was successful, but could have been more damaging if Japan targeted on shore storage. Also, this attack did not demoralize the U.S, like Japan thought it would, but reunited them. Just like 9/11 there is always a silver lining. The whole country united in making the decision to go to war. On December 8, just a day after the attack, America declared war. Germany and Italy, Japan's allies, declared war on the U.S. three days later. America was undoubtedly involved in World War 2 because of this.

(This photo is the USS Arizona Memorial)

My Reaction

While researching the attack of Pearl Harbor has been very clear. It is a great tragedy, where over 1,000 men died. This is a terrible event, but some good came with it. Just like 9/11 there was a silver lining of the county uniting. I could use this as a message to never give up and always try to be better. It was also amazing how America lucked out with the aircraft carriers being away from the bombing, and keeping Americas Navy functional

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