CMS Canvas & Courtyard Project

CMS Tech Wednesday 4-29-15

Canvas & Courtyard Project Follow Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the CMS Canvas or Courtyard Project yesterday. Here are a few things I would like you to know.

CANVAS Updates

1. CANVAS - I created a shared Google Doc CMS Canvas Q & A Spring 2015 to collaborate about Canvas at CMS. Look in your Google Drive to see all the interesting things we learned yesterday about Canvas. Please feel free to add Questions or Answers as we learn more about Canvas together. This is not just a one day activity! This Spring I will post Questions and Answers about Canvas on this shared Doc:)

2. CANVAS - Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore the New Canvas Community just updated on April 15th!! I invite you to visit the community to Find Answers - Share Ideas - Join Groups ~ Sharon

3. CANVAS FYI - I found the New Canvas Community on Twitter! You might like to Follow Canvas LMS @CanvasLMS or Canvas Network @canvasnet on Twitter ~ Sharon

4. CANVASCON - Zionsville High School is putting on CanvasCon workshop over the summer on June 23rd for those interested in getting further training on Canvas. Registration is free. Right click on the following link to register. CanvasCon A group of teachers from CHS are already planning to attend. - Mike Megyesi

CMS Courtyard Project Updates

1. Want to see pictures of the CMS Courtyard Project in progress? Look on Twitter and

Follow @CMS_Sissell @CMS_Trojans @sklahn12 for updates!!

2. I posted a Discussion on my Canvas Course Called Creating a Digital Classroom. If you would like to join the Discussion you need to join the course first. I sent everyone an invite yesterday if you would like me to resend you an invite notify me by e-mail.

3.I posted pictures of the CMS Courtyard Project on my Pinterest CMS Pinterest Party Board. You are welcome to follow the group board and add pictures of plants you would like to donate to the Courtyard Project on Pinterest.

Looking forward to the CMS Courtyard Project and donating plants from my yard next week! Sharon

Welcome to the Canvas Community

Find Answers, Share Ideas, Join Groups - Just updated April 15th