My Story

By ChingChong Aisin-Gioro From 1838-1905


I am ChingChong Aisin-Gioro. My family was a part of the royal family under the name of our emperor. I was born on July 9th, 1818. Because of my father failed a task that's assigned by the emperor, all of our properties got taken away. After we heard that they found gold on the west coast of America, as a chance of revitalization, we decided to move to the United States.


After 4 weeks overseas, we finally made it in States. Our ship landed in California.
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My family moved to LA in 1841. Living in a city is so much convenient. We can get food or staff easier, also, there were more Chinese people in the city. However, my family was sharing a tiny apartment with poor water supply.


Because my family was rich back in China, I am well educated in English. I can speak English really well. Because of that, I was voted to be the speaker of our Chinese Community. I helped my people express their wills to the local government. I worked as an English teacher in the Chinese Community.


I got two of my children born this year. My son, MingYang, was born on January 4th and my daughter, Ying, was born on December. However, due to two of new member of the house, our apartment was no longer big enough of our family. We decided to move back to the country.


I got a mail from one of the candidates of Governor. He wanted us to vote for him, in payback, he would give my brother a chance to work in the new construction program.


My son, works as a coal miners, got in to a strike against his company, because the company didn't pay him well enough.He started working since he was 12. He was in the Union of Asian Workers.


This year I went back to LA for visiting. SKYSCRAPERS were all over the city. A lot of new inventions were created. I heard an idea of "Airplane" which is some kind of big bird that was trained to carry people flying. Can't wait to see one! Also, I went to a shopping center. There are stores next to each other which sell similar things. Because of the competitions, we got some awesome deals!


My son got accepted into a college this year, even though he was 39. He was the first on who actually got into a college from our family. My grandchildren were in the local middle school because the government recently passed a law about education. My grandson joined his school baseball team. He had practices every single day after school for 1 hour and a half. But he told me it was fun. My granddaughter was really interested in Fine arts. She saw some wonderful arts pieces on the newspaper, after that, she got so into that. We found an arts teacher for her.


Chinese Exclusion Act was signed this year. I felt so sorry about the new Chinese immigrants. Because my family was here since a long time ago, we had became friends with most of my neighborhoods. Most of the people were nice to us, but still some extreme white guys showed up in front of our door one day.