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Enjoy our live shows

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Author- Rashawnda Daniels

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Dedication- "This e book APP is dedicated to all the people who have a dream, never give up. Know that God is with you and rooting for you. This e book App is dedicated to the fighters, fight for your dream and never give up." - SD



Chapter 1 - Style Box

Chapter 2 - Tools

Chapter 3 - Style Guide

Chapter 4 - Model Call

Chapter 5 - Stylist Referral

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Chapter 1 ( Protective Lifestyle Beauty Box)

**Page 1**

Chapter 1: ( PLB) Box

What is a " PLB" ? Protective lifestyle Beauty box?

The Motto" Feed your hair, heal your soul" - SD

A (PLB) box is a customized beauty box your stylist will blend just for you. It will include, books, products, audio, style videos, treatments, workout resources and healthy lifestyle resources.

Healthy hair and Healthy lifestyles go hand in hand. Whats in your box?

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Chapter 2 ( Tools)

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Chapter 2: Tools

Get the right tools.

Get the hair, products, and tools you need to maximize a flawless style.
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A) Need hair you can manage with versatility?

Rashawnda Daniels

Which hair company has the best hair? by Rashawnda Daniels


B) Need hair products and treatments?

Rashawnda Daniels

Tips for treatments on amazon . by Rashawnda Daniels

Amazon Style Box

Shop the Amazon store. Click link below. Free shipping with Amazon Prime.

US Amazon Store

US Amazon Store ( YAYYYY)

Amazon International Stores

UK Protective Lifestyle Tools

Canada Protective Lifestyle Tools

Germany Protective Lifestyle Tools

Japan Protective Lifestyle Tools

C) Best Tools to Maintain Your Hair

Rashawnda Daniels

Tips for choosing great flat irons and tools by Rashawnda Daniels
Customized your "PLB" box just for you. Whats in your box?

Get the tools you need at:

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D) Growth Tees. Get them now.

Did you do your length check?

Growth Tees

Invest in growth tees. Do you need to measure your hair progress? Do you want to go from shoulder length to mid back length. First you need a growth tee shirt to measure your progress. Take your shirt with you to your salon visits and get accurate true results. Numbers don't lie.

Where to buy?

Check us out We can take care of all your printing needs! Email us at or call us at 803-743-4500 (mon-sat 9am to 5pm) Affordable shirts, variety of colors and sizes, and great prices. Bulk prices available too in orders 10+.

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Chapter 3 ( Style Guide)

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Chapter 3: Style Guide

Style guide on the go.

( Watch all 5 videos in one playlist) - Click Below

(PLB) Box

Or watch each video below.

Style 1) How to flat iron and curl your hair.

{{{{All videos will be available to view Feb 2013.}}}}}
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Style 2) How to pin-curl your hair
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3) How to hot roller your hair.

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**Page 9**

Style 4) How to blend kinky hair with your natural hair
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Style 5) How to flexi rod your hair.
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Chapter 4 ( Global Model Call)

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Chapter 4: Global Model Call

Hair models wanted for reality show.

Seeking hair models... For my reality show on Youtube.

We are seeking hair models for my reality show " Shawndeefied"

The show tapings are every 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the Month.

Must be available to:

-Be on camera/ film

-Friendly/ candid

- Available to post hair/product updates every 3 weeks via youtube

Complete form below:

"Casting is currently Full. We will resume accepting submissions Feb 2013.

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**Page 12**

Shawndeefied " Feed your hair...heal your soul"

Dec 16th, 2012- We glammed up 5 special ladies for our last show just in time for Christmas. Protective Styling at its finest.
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Chapter 5 ( Stylist Referral)

**Page 13**

Chapter 5: Stylist Referral

Need a stylist referral in your area?

Rashawnda Daniels

Find a stylist in your area by Rashawnda Daniels

Coming Soon ..... " Global Stylist Ambassadors"

I am so proud to present my International Stylist Referral Database. These are all the lovely stylists that have graduated from my Protective Lifestyle Hair Extension Academy.

Available Fall 2013

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