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Dear Parents,

I cannot believe that we are already approaching Winter Break. Over these past few months, I have seen our students really begin to get into a rhythm. The level of learning happening day to day has been remarkable. This year has been a year of change! However, we have seen our student, staff, and families, all rise above the challenge.

Our diagnostic 2 testing has begun for both Math and ELA. While not all testing is complete, I have started looking at results and seen some tremendous growth and progress in our students. Diving into this data is exciting to me, but the true reward is when I get to see the level of enthusiasm from our students and teachers when they too see this progress! It is their hard work and dedication that has made this happen. We cannot wait to share this progress with you when we complete our second quarter progress reports.

With the addition of Remote Learning Wednesdays, the new hybrid format of learning has required your involvement and support more than I'm sure you ever imagined. Every week, you have all taken on the task to ensure that your child logs onto Zoom and completes all required Canvas activities. I want to take this time to thank you so much for your continued support. You have all been amazing!

Communication has always been so very important to me. However, this year, it is needed more than ever. It has been difficult to build a personal connection with our families without seeing you in the building. Please know, if you should ever have any questions or concerns, you may reach me by phone at (816) 671-4320 or by email at

Educationally Yours,

Holly Brady


Happy Holidays!!!!

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NO SCHOOL Dec. 21st - Jan. 4th (classes resume January 5th)

Focus on Gratitude

The holiday season is getting into full swing and many families are looking forward to the Christmas Break, and hopefully a little time to relax and spend time together. COVID 19 precautions/considerations may have changed many families’ plans and it is natural for children (and adults for that matter) to feel disappointed (or maybe confused, frustrated, or a combination of these). The COVID 19 “fatigue” is real but we can do a few small things to make a big difference as we navigate this year’s challenges.

The article linked below has some tips on the importance of gratitude in helping support social and emotional wellness…which can actually improve overall health. Highlights include writing down something that brings you joy each day, noticing and being thankful for one thing that is going right, or setting aside even a few minutes of relaxation time a day—these can be done individually or as a family:

The American Heart Association has also created an easy-to-remember acronym for gratitude ideas:






Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Social and emotional wellbeing is a vital part of self care, and especially important as we head into the holiday season. This article has some tips for celebrating the holidays, despite our current challenges. Tips include how to talk to children about how this holiday season may look different, staying connected through technology, and focusing on what you can control at this time.

Meet Our Staff

Remote Learning Snow Days

On inclement weather days, the schedule will be the same as the Wednesday Hybrid schedule that students have been following during first semester. Please be sure your student or students log into their Canvas site to complete the day’s assignments.

Baby It's Cold Outside!

As we are continuing into the cold weather season, we ask that you ensure your student is dressed appropriately for outdoor recess each day. This involves needing a coat, hat, and gloves. If the class is going outdoors, it will be expected that all students participate in recess. Therefore, we want to ensure that students have the needed attire to bundle up!

Tis the Season

We do want to share with you that student gifts will not be allowed this holiday season. Unfortunately with the pandemic, there is too much risk for the spread of germs. We have been asked about if students are allowed to bring in a gift for their teacher. This will be allowed, knowing that the teacher will be responsible for following any needed sanitizing precautions. Thank you for understanding.

Technology Fee

This is a friendly reminder to please pay your $10 technology fee if you haven't already done so. Accidents happen! We have already had a few situations where a student has broken his/her device and not paid their technology fee. The student is then charged for the device and/or repairs. I have seen this be over $200. Therefore, the $10 is WORTH IT! Unfortunately if the device is broken and the student has not paid their fee, then they are responsible for all charges. This fee will even cover a lost charger, which could easily cost you $10.

Window Displays

Be sure to check out all the great projects displayed within our windows on the North and East side of the building! This has been an opportunity to showcase some amazing student work. It warms my heart when I get to see a student point out his/her work to a parent during arrival or dismissal! All displays are labeled with the grade level and teacher's names to guide you in the right direction.

Arrival & Dismissal Reminders

  • Please be sure to pull up towards the bus lane (by staff members directing traffic). This will allow us to drop off several students at once.
  • We also kindly ask that you drop off your student and trust us to get them in safely. It is essential to keep the traffic flow moving and not waiting for students to walk into the building.


  • Reminder that only Kindergarten and 1st grade parents should be picking up in the lot at 4:05. We ask that for all other students, parents arrive after 4:10. If you have students 2nd grade or above, but also a Kindergarten or 1st grader, please plan to pick ALL students up at 4:10. This helps keep the traffic flow moving!
  • We would love your assistance in helping us get our busses out of the parking lot during dismissal. If you are entering from the West when buses are trying to exit the parking lot and turning West also, we ask that you let the traffic in the middle (between the entrance and exit) of the parking lot go first. This will allow the buses to exit easily. We ask that traffic coming from the East side of the exit during this time, please pause and let the buses exit, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • When buses are exiting the lot and turning left, it is very helpful if you remain back a short distance (possibly a few cars lengths) to allow them to make that tight turn. It sometimes is difficult for them to exit and this too can stall the flow of traffic while they wait for more space to be able to make this turn.

I thank you all so much for your help in this matter! We understand our parking lot can be a little hectic at arrival and dismissal. We are consistently re-evaluating and looking for opportunities for improvement.

Please join PTA!!!! This is a great opportunity to develop a strong school & home connection! While things look a little different this year, there are still plenty of ways to be involved. Click on the PTA header for the registration form!

Free Breakfast & Lunch

We are offering free breakfast and lunch through the remainder of the school year. If you would like to pick up meals on our Remote Wednesday, please click on the header above to be directed to the website. Meal pick up is from 12:00-12:30.