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Update from Kuna Superintendent Wendy Johnson


In this update:
  • Next steps in KSD reopening plan--change to grades 6-12 schedules beginning Nov. 2
  • Parents of grades 6-12 students: we want your input on Friday's schedule
  • Updated decision tree
  • COVID Cases Update
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Extra appreciation to our KSD team appreciated

Did you know that in order for relationships to be successful, a person needs to hear or experience five positives for every negative? Researcher John Gottman confirmed this in research he conducted over ten years ago.

This research is also true for any relationship--student and teacher, work teams, friendships, etc. We share this research with our new teachers as they learn how to implement behavior management techniques in the classroom.

I would like to challenge you to practice this with the teachers who are teaching your children, the bus driver transporting your children, the custodian who is cleaning and sanitizing, the nutritionist feeding your children, and the administrators who are keeping your children safe and learning.

Our KSD team always goes above and beyond. This year has been extra hard for most of our team members because of the pandemic. Now more than ever our KSD team could really use some thanks as they attempt to do what just a few school districts in our area are attempting--serving children in-person during a pandemic.

Instead of sending that demanding email to your teacher, let her know that you appreciate that she has been there for your child. Instead of complaining that your child doesn't like the food at lunch, thank the child nutrition team for getting to work at 6:00 am every morning to create a healthy and well balanced breakfast and lunch for your child. Instead of complaining that your child's bus was five minutes late, tell the driver that you appreciate him for making sure your child gets to school safely. Instead of yelling at the principal about why our students should be in-person five days a week, thank him for doing whatever it takes to keep children in-person and avoiding online only options.

I ask this of you because my team is working harder than they ever have in conditions that are more challenging than any of us have ever experienced. A little encouragement and kindness goes a long way, and nastiness is devastating to people who are sacrificing for our children. KSD team members are in the battlefield right now, and they deserve a hero's welcome.

Thank you.


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Next steps in KSD reopening plan for secondary schools

On Tuesday evening, the KSD Board of Trustees voted to move forward on the next step of the reopening plan.

More in-person instruction for grades 6-12 beginning on Nov. 2

Our secondary schools have a challenge in being able to practice the safety protocols primarily because of the large number of students enrolled. Given this challenge and the feedback from staff and parents that the Friday "e" days are not well attended, the board decided to take a step to return grades 6-12 to more in-person days.

Starting on Nov. 2

  • Students attending Kuna High School, Fremont Middle School and Kuna Middle School will return to in-person learning on Fridays based on a rotating schedule. Additionally, some students who are struggling academically will return to an every day schedule as needed.
  • If you have a child in grades 6-12 who attends Kuna High School, Fremont Middle School or Kuna Middle School, please take a moment to give your input on what schedule we should implement. Click here to take the survey.

  • Students attending Initial Point High School will return to in-person learning Monday-Thursday. Friday will be a day to support online-only students and other students who need more one-on-one support. This day will also be earmarked for intensive cleaning and disinfecting of the school.

Starting on Monday

  • 3-5 students at Crimson Point, Reed, Ross and Silver Trail will come every day with Fridays as the 2 hour early release day for teacher collaboration.

KSD Virtual School will continue to serve students who would like an online option.

What about extracurricular activities?

Sports and activities will continue and our students, coaches and advisers will continue to follow the safety protocols and screening.

Starting on Monday, Oct. 19, spectators will not be allowed at games because of CDH's "red" classification for Ada County. This applies to Boise, Kuna and West Ada School Districts.

Isn't Ada County classified as red? Why aren't we going online only?

The CDH moved Ada County from "yellow" to "red" on Monday, Oct. 12. They did not recommend that schools move to on-line learning, however.

Health officials want schools to stay open and serve children in our schools as long as we can. They crafted guidelines to support schools in operating in the red zone and worked with us to adapt.

CDH Russ Duke has praised schools for their exceptional job managing this whole challenge: " ... Our schools have all done an exceptional job managing exposures for in person learning. Virtual learning can be a significant challenge for many families for a variety of reasons, and we want to support in person learning for as long as practical.”

As we've reviewed guidelines, we were relieved to see much of what we are doing is in these guidelines: "pods," "face coverings," physical distancing, etc.

As we drill down into the data with health officials, this is what we see in Kuna:

  • Case counts are low in K-12 schools and schools have not contributed to community spread (most schools in Ada County enforce face covering mandates)
  • The majority of cases are in the age group of 18-23 and are taking place at BSU
  • Kuna case counts continue to be in category 2 (yellow)

Please continue to help us stay open to in-person learning by completing a quick health screening of your children before sending them to school. If your children have a fever, chills, nausea, cough, muscle aches, sore throat, congestion or loss of smell or taste, please do not send them to school.

Updated decision tree during "red" classification

To help further clarify the process to determine what to do if you or your child has COVID-19 symptoms, we have updated our illness decision tree.

The biggest difference from when Ada County was in "yellow" to now that we are in "red" is as follows:

If you have symptoms you should stay/go home until:

  1. you have a negative COVID test OR an alternate diagnosis
  2. are fever free for 24 hours with improved symptoms.

If you want to come back to school before 10 days, you should have evidence that a test or diagnosis was complete in writing and present it to the school nurse.

COVID-19 update

This week, we are reporting three confirmed case of COVID-19--two in students and two staff members. None of the positive cases were traced to the school district as the source of the transmission.

Since the beginning of the school year on August 31, we have reported a total of 14 positive cases of COVID-19--three cases in employees and 11 positive cases in students. None of the 14 cases were traced to the school district as the source of the transmission.

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Superintendent Wendy Johnson

I am a superintendent of an amazing school district in Kuna, Idaho. I love serving children, teachers and families and having an impact on the future. #ksdready&resilient #ksdempower #futureready