Middle East Times

All About Alluvial Plains

An alluvial plain is an area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods. This relates to the Middle East area because in Egypt and other places, an alluvial plain is often left behind after the seasonal floods of the rivers.

Yum... Salt Water

Desalinization is the process used to make seawater drinkable. This can relate to the Middle East because many countries must use desalinization because they have no rivers or permanent bodies of water there, which means no freshwater, which means no drinking water.
"Drinking from the sea", explore how and why sea water is desalinated (motion design)

Rainwater Riverbed

A wadi is a dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours. This relates to the area because in Saudi Arabia and some other countries, seasonal wadis are needed to fertilize the land for farming. Therefore, in those countries, wadis are important to farmers and the economy.

Crops, Crops, and more Crops

Three of Egypt's main crops are sugarcane, grains, and cotton. Egypt uses these crops for exporting or farmers will keep the food to feed their families. Many crops will be kept by farmers to provide food. This is also good for Egypt's economy, because they can export extras, and who doesn't love some good crops?

The Largest Desert in the World

A few facts about the Sahara desert are that it is the largest desert in the world, it is about the size of the United States, and it stretches from Egypt westward across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.
The Sahara Desert

OPEC Around the World

The Oganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, also known as OPEC, works constantly to increase the income from the sale of oil. Countries all around the Middle East are just rich with oil, which means since oil is all some countries have, the Middle East has an oil based economy.