Yoga with Ms Michelle

Chipmunks Fall 2015 Newsletter

A peek back at the Fall fun during Yoga...

Fall was filled with yoga poses, breaths, games, journaling and more! A favorite, which they catch me if I "forget" is sun salutations ("Dance for the Sun" by Kira Willey)!

One of our favorites...Yoga Stories!

The children help create a story based on the yoga poses of their choice. Lots of storytelling adventures, some of which include going on a pumpkin hunt in the woods behind LB, dinosaur adventures, Where would you fly if you were a butterfly?

Halloween Costume/Pose Story!

Imagination Vacations for Relaxation time!

While resting in rock/child's pose, the Chipmunks LOVE to receive a Rest & Press, a calming press on their lower back (sacrum). It's quite relaxing while they listen to me take them on their "imagination vacation." They can close their eyes and visualize what they see, hear, smell, touch or even taste while they imagine they are floating on a cloud, lying on the beach or walking through a forest of their favorite type of trees!

When we "arrive" back at Little Buddies, they often journal what they visualized and Ms Jen will help them write their words, creating a special keepsake of their adventures!