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Preserving the Present Moment

As we continue the “How to Capture your Family Stories and Preserve Your Family Legacy” series, Cameron Kelly shares the wonderful ways he’s preserved his family’s memories including an explanation of the book of “Richardisms”. Then, on the second half of the show, student host Emma interviews Katlyn and Ann Aubitz. Katlyn is an extraordinary young lady with Down Syndrome who wrote a book with her mom called KATLYN CONQUERS THE WORLD. Katlyn helps us remember the topic of today’s show: it’s important to preserve the present moment, too – not just the past.

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Captured Captions, Meaningful Moments

Our family stories matter. They help us remember who we are,

where we came from and why it is important.

Next week during our series on How to Capture your Family Stories and Preserve your Family Legacy, Brenda Hudson from Voiced Life helps us discover the stories our old photographs tell and student host Adam interviews old timer Jerry Ryan at the Main Cafe.

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