Johnny Manziel repents for his sins

Cleveland Browns say "Manziel is ready to lead"

Repentance includes dating violence.

Late Friday night, Johnny Manziel decided it was time for a change. The former quarterback from Texas A&M decided that his only path to success was to fully utilize his long and clean stay in college. Manziel says that due to manners and respect he learned after his tenure at A&M, his choice to take on a leading role at Cleveland can only be expected. Adding that his great decisions such as showing up on time to practice and leaving unruly fraternity parties demonstrates even further that he deserves this role.

Stating that the role was not for money or adoration, he went on to add "I do this because I love my team, no matter their race background or relations because we are all family, knowing that none of us are cocky children playing in a man's sport."

Despite the positive press and outcry about the already star's launch into mega stardom, some say the pay raise and added fans will be too much for a young adult coping with growing up in the NFL. Manziel denied this in a tweet, including a picture of him, seemingly intoxicated at a strip club. Luckily, one of his friends at least looked sober, so no one got a ticket like in years past. Despite the accusations calling Manziel a child, he states that he "totly arnt a child doods" while enjoying the fermented joys of adulthood.