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Love Wichita Collegiate Out Loud!

A few things to talk about, and a request for feedback!

Again this week, we would LOVE for you to talk up Explore Collegiate Day on Monday, February 17. This is Presidents' Day, and since WCS is in school while many other schools are not, it is usually a convenient day for students from other schools to experience a typical day at Collegiate. Historically, visitors have had great days. They are often surprised at how friendly everyone is at WCS, and how much fun the classes are. Visitors go to classes with student hosts in their same grade levels, and are our guests for lunch.

If you know families with students at other schools, please invite them to check out WCS on Presidents' Day. Students do need to sign up in advance so that we can select hosts with similar interests. Signing up is easy and can be done via any of the following methods:

1) Calling me at 771-2203 or Kelli Copeland at 771-2224.

2) Using the RSVP button on the top right corner of our website.

3) Pasting this link in their browsers: Sign Up to Visit WCS on February 17

Additional postcard invitations are available in the Admission Office. Just call me if you'd like for us to mail an invitation to a friend, neighbor, or colleague.

A College Counseling Department Second to None!

Among the many distinctions of our Upper School is our world class College Counseling Department. Prospects and families who have transferred from other area schools have confirmed that the college counseling available at WCS is unmatched.

Our College Counselors have built strong relationships with admission representatives at a wide variety of colleges and universities across the country. They stay abreast of trends and are able to offer expert advice and counsel to our families.

Over the years, our students have built an impressive record of college acceptances. Over 95% of our graduates report that they are attending their first or second choice of college. The chart below helps to show the success that our program and our students have had in college acceptances during the last three years. Feel free to share it with families who might be interested.

Big image

Please give us some feedback!

What are you hearing about WCS?

What's the buzz about other schools?

Is the information we are sending helpful as you visit with others about WCS?

What additional information would be useful?

Please let me know so that we can make sure you have the information you need at your fingertips!

Thanks so much for helping us to spread the good word about WCS in our community!