Perfect Season

By: Tyler Weaks & Jacob Eckert


The CAVO or the Car Accident Victims Organization has been helping people since 2009 with financial aid also with emotional support.

Tate McGreer

Tate McGreer’s father has been in a terrible car accident. She is now living with Troy White and his mom. To get through this troubling time she has joined the school's soccer team. This allows for her to not think about her dad. Tate lies awake some nights not being able to sleep and Troy being a great friend talks her through the nights she thinks about her father.

Tate is doing what most people that we have seen do in this situation. All they can do is think about their loved one and the position that they are in. They so often lose sleep over this. It is nice that her friend is helping her through this rough time though.

Tessa White (Troy's mom)

Tessa is the mother of Troy and her son’s best friend's mother calls her out of the blue and tells her that her husband has been in a serious accident and she also asks if her daughter, Tate, can come and stay with them while she goes out to California to be with her husband. She says that she can and they fly her out to their house and she stays with them in their house.

In this situation Tessa like a responsible and very caring nice friend takes in Tate. This is scene in many peoples lives when there is a tough situation that puts the family at risk of going not being able to support the family. She also not only opens her home up to her, but she also pays for her food and helps her out financially as well as emotionally.

Troy White

Troy was going about his business when his mom got a random call from his best friend’s mom. His mom’s face lost color and she appeared so scared and agreed to whatever had been discussed. He asked his mom what was wrong when she told him that his friend Tate’s dad had been in a severe car crash and they did not know if he was going to make it. She also told him that Tate was going to be coming over to stay with them while her mother flew out to California to be with her dad in the hospital.

That is great of Troy to be such a good friend in this time comforting her and making his home her home. He also kept her mind off of things by keeping her busy with going to play, reading, and hanging out.