Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Andrew Hawks 8/24/12


The Setting of this story is San Fransisco, California


Jing-mei and her mother battle with each other throughout the story. Her mother, a Chinese immigrant, wants her American born daughter to become a prodigy.

Plot(Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution)

Expostion- Jing-meis mother expects big things out of her daughter and wants to make her daughter into a prodigyRising Action- After many failed attempts and frustration from Jing-mei not being who her mother wants to be the mother makes her take up pianoClimax- Jing mei gets into an arguement with her mother over the talent show that she failed miserably in and says "she wished she had never been born"Falling Action-Jing Mei and her mother never speak of the incident again and go on with there livesResolution- After Jing Mei mother is dead and she is well into her years she realizes the good things that her mother wanted for her

Internal conflict

Jing Mei struggles with her idenity being what her mother wants to be or what she wants to be

External Conflict

Jing Mei and her mother have a tension of the mother trying to force talents onto Jing Mei and her not being able to go to her standards


The theme of this novel is that there are two sides of every story and that through pain and anger comes relazation


-Waverly Windo Symbolizes what Jing Mei mother wanted her to be ; an unreachable expectation-Old Chong represents those that we can take advantage of if they let us-The mirror symblozizes Jing Meis fight with her identity

Mirror Scene

The daughter finally sees the prodigy side of her. This goes with the theme that there is 2 side to every story and just because everyone sees something one well that doesnt mean you have too.

Mother-Daughter Relationship

In my opinion what went wrong was a lack of communication on both there parts. Jing Mei should have communicated that she didnt like being someone else instead of blowing up about it and the mother should have explained why she was pushing the daughter

Mothers personal experiences

Jing Meis mothers personal experiences most likely very much motivated her to give her daughter a better opurtunity the only problem with that was the daughter did not have the same ideas as her mother