Sociology Semester Project

Trace Miles,, 10th

Things that I have learned so far in Sociology.

In the two quarters that I have been in Sociology I have learned a lot about the culture around me. I never realized how many major events that could go off of one topic. Sociology has taught me how I live my life compared to all the other people in the world. First world problems was one of the biggest thing that got my attention when we talked about it.

First World Problems

First World Problems are a relatively trivial or minor problems or frustrations. First World problems are basically little problems that we think that are a major problem. For example, "My computer is about to die but the charger is on the other side of the room." A couple more are "When you only have water to drink" and "When you break a chip in dip and have to send another one after it." We blow these little problems out of proportion. When we say we only have water to drink, people in Africa don't have any water to drink. When we have a fridge that we can walk ten steps to get water, they probably have to walk a mile or more just to get a drink of water. First World problem is another was word for First World Nations. First world problems was really recognized in 2005. The way it was discovered was buy the use of social media, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. We see these problems everyday in our life.
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Gender Role

Gender Roles play a big part of sociology. Gender role is a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are generally considered acceptable, appropriate or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex. This is some what saying that boys are not suppose to play with girl toys like, barbies, dolls, princesses, etc... It is the same way for girls are not suppose to play with boy toys like, trucks, legos, dinosaurs, etc... But not all boys play with boys toys, and not all girls play with girl toys. I have seen boys playing My Little Pony horses. I have also seen girls driving little toy dump trucks around. There a some topics that go with gender roles, for example education. Education is more likely for the men. Another example is profession, profession is the workplace the is normally for women. Also Housework, housework and taking care of a child is the primary functions for women. When the wife gets married this changes. The man helps take care of the child. One more is decision making. The man of the house has the has say.


Socialization is the cultural process of learning to participate in group life. It starts at birth and continues throughout life. It enables people to fit in with all kinds of groups. Nearly all aspects of social life (including walking patterns) are not natural but learned through the process of socialization. There are many parts of socialization like, self-concept, looking glass self, Significant figures, role taking, imitation stage, play stage and game stage. These are all a big role that is played in socialization. There are five stages that are in socialization. The first stage is Denial, the second is Anger, the third is Bargaining, The fourth stage is Depression, the the fifth and final stage is Acceptance.
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Culture is a key factor in Sociology. There are a lot of different kinds of culture in the world. A few examples are in China when you slurp your food it means that you want more. The Chinese think that you're questioning their generosity. Another example is that in America we like to stand up for meetings so they don't take that long. In Japan it is different. They like to sit down and take there time and contemplate what is being said. The term culture is coming from the Ancient Romans. In the 19th century Matthew Arnold used the word culture to refer to human refinement.
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Sociology of Sports

Sociology of Sports was one of my favorite topics to talk about. The reason why is because I play baseball and I think it is really cool that the Women were playing a guys sport. This basically tells me that women can do anything that men can do or better. Sports in American society reflect's the the culture's emphasis on achievement. This also reflect the male-dominated society. Much process has been made to level out the equality in sports. Minorities continue to face discrimination in sports. One of the biggest things that stood out to me is The All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League(AAGPBL). This league consisted of 15 teams. All the teams had to go off the rules that they made. Some of the rules are, lipstick had to be warn at all times and their hair had to be long and well groomed at all times. All social events and dates had to be approved by a Chaperon. All houses and eating places had to be approved by a Chaperon. The last one is that the baseball uniforms couldn't have skirts shorter than six inches above the kneecap. The reason why the league started was because of WW2. Many of the minor league baseball players were being drafted. There were not enough men to start a league. As soon as the war ended Women baseball was never as popular as it was before. Women still play in Softball Leagues, but not professional baseball leagues.
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Connections of Topics

Some of these topics can be related to each other. An example is Sociology of sorts and Culture. The way that these relate is that sports influences culture. Gender Role and Socialization can relate to each other. The that they relate to each other is that Socialization you are suppose to join a group and with Gender role you can get into a group of boys and girls and the boys do the boy things and the girls do the girl things. I think that First world problems can relate to Culture by the way that we do things and all the little problem and culture people have different problems than we do.

How these apply to me.

The way that I can relate to First world problems is that I use these problems in my daily life. When I am doing home work and my computer is low on batter I don't want to go all the way upstairs to get it. The way that I relate to Gender Role is by relating to the male gender role, by playing Baseball, football, hunting, fishing, most of the things are in the category of male gender role. In Socialization this can be applied to me by me joining into other groups that I am not used to. I should not just stay in this one group my whole life. I should go out and adventure and find new groups. I can relate to Culture by knowing people that meet and greet in different. When my family and I went to a restaurant the people serving bowed and said hello in a different langue. Sociology of sports is something that I can relate to as well. Sports is a central parts of peoples lives. Sports influence culture.

Topics to a Historical Event

Recently, Bruce Jenner announced his gender transformation from a man to a woman. World class athlete and Olympic Champion is now know as Caitlyn Jenner. While for some this seems like a trivial matter that really has no impact whatever on the grand scheme of things, others treated it like it was the end of the world. Especially when the ESPY's awarded him the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. So how does this connect to Sociology? First and foremost the question of gender roles in sports comes up. Many people are struggling with how Bruce Jenner's success as a male athlete can now be translated into his role as woman. Does it no longer exist? It is almost like that part of him died with the transformation. Of course this all ties into the Sociology of Sports and the perception of what an athlete looks like and the impact that sports can have on something like gender transition.