Hispanic Heritage project

Hispanic heritage month

The contraceptive pill

Mexican chemist Luis miramontes for co-inventing the first pill, patented in 1956

The cell phone

Brazilian Roberto Landell de Moura is credited with inventing and patenting a wireless telephone.

The Pen

László József Biró became famous for inventing the pen. Modern day Argentines refer to the pen as the “birome” in his honor.


Just after the Wright Brothers flight of 1903, Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont piloted a plane of his own design in 1906

Color TV

One of the early color television sets was invented by Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena.

The electric brake

Mexican-born Victor Ochoa patented the electric brake in 1907, using magnetic attraction to make it easier for trains to slow down.


The Ictineo I, one of the world’s early submarines, was invented by Spaniard Narcís Monturiol I Estarriol.

Containment of yellow fever and other tropical diseases

Thank Cuban doctor Carlos Finlay for discovering that mosquitoes carry yellow fever.


Hércules Florence was one of the pioneers in the field of photography and was one of the people that developed photography

Olga D. Gonzales

Worked in NASA and was a scientist and inventor.