CP Annual Title 1 Meeting

Hybrid Parent Meeting August 24, 2021

Big picture

What is Title 1?

  • Federal Program

  • Research-Based

  • Professional Development

  • Successful Program

  • Required Information

  • Parent Involvement

Federal Program

  • School eligibility is determined by the percentage of students receiving Free and/or Reduced Lunch

  • Crimson Point is schoolwide

Schoolwide programs address the educational needs of children with comprehensive strategies for improving the whole school so every student achieves high levels of academic proficiency. They do not have to identify particular children as eligible for services. Instead, schoolwide programs can use all allocated funds to increase the amount and quality of learning time.

- U.S. Department of Education

Research Based

  • “BIG 5”

    • Phonemic Awareness

    • Phonics

    • Fluency

    • Vocabulary

    • Comprehension


  • Sipps (Reading)

  • Phonics for Reading

  • Quick Reads!

  • Istation (Reading)

  • Ready Math

  • iReady (Math)

  • Reach by National Geographic

Researched-based curriculum that is taught during focus groups where all children receive academic support based on their needs.

Big picture

Professional Development

  • Continually learning and growing

    • Taking classes

    • Going to conferences

    • Reading current research

  • Coordinating with classroom teachers

    • Using the same vocabulary

    • Extending classroom learning

    • Supporting Common Core State Standards

Successful Program

  • Data and placement in fluid groups

  • Great teachers

  • Curriculum

  • Communication w/ teachers

  • Communication w/ parents


School Parent Compact

Staff members at Crimson Point Elementary are committed to:

  • Holding an annual meeting to explain the Title I program to parents and inform them of their right to be involved in the program

  • Involve parents in an organized, ongoing and timely way in planning, review, and improvement of our Title 1 program

  • Provide timely information about our Title I program to parents, describe the curricula, the student assessments and proficiency levels students are expected to meet, provide opportunities for regular meetings, respond promptly to parent suggestions

  • Participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning and support the formation of partnerships with families and the community

  • Strive to make school an accessible and welcoming place for all stakeholders

  • Provide a positive environment in which all students are capable of success...

  • Model appropriate dress, language, and behavior

As a student, I am committed to:

  • Attending school regularly and to be on time

  • Complete classwork and return homework assignments.

  • Work to the best of my ability and ask for help when it is needed

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude toward opportunities and experiences provided by the school and teachers

  • Showing respect to all, accepting responsibility for my actions, working together, and following school rules for safety

  • Reading every day outside of school hours

As a parent, I am committed to:

  • Ensuring my child's regular attendance and on-time arrival

  • Check the communication folders and student planners for important information

  • Establish a time and space for homework

  • Support my student with their academic needs or reach out to the school for help

  • Communicate regularly with my child and with the school

On-going opportunities for meaningful communications are always available through email, phone calls, conferences and/or meetings, the school website and social media.


  • How your child is doing

    • Test scores, progress reports

    • Everything is accessible through Tyler SIS - Call Mrs. Bodily at the office for parent sign-in information.

  • Qualified teachers - All of our teachers are highly qualified in their subject area or grade level.

  • Parent Involvement

    • Parent policy - We appreciate it when you let your classroom teacher know you are visiting.

    • Classroom newsletters

    • Building-wide activities - Halloween Parade, Spirit Week, Thanksgiving Day Parade and so much more!

    • PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)

    • PTA - Join today!

Parent Involvement

School Events

  • Literacy Event

  • Math Event

  • Annual Meeting


  • School-Home Compact

  • Back to School Night (virtual)

  • Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Trimester Progress Reports

  • Annual Summary

  • School Surveys

  • Volunteering- PTA, classroom (when available)

Parent Involvement - Ready For Kindergarten

Crimson Point is starting a partnership with Ready for Kindergarten!! Workshops for parents coming this year. These workshops are targeted towards parents of kids with the age of 0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, and 4-5.

Workshops will be on October 21, November 18th, January 13th.

Use this link to sign up for these workshops now!

Check out the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children website for more information.

Changes to our Intervention System!

Crimson Point is taking on a transformation this school year in how we provide Reading and Math interventions to students. We will be instituting two school-wide intervention times where only interventions will be taking place no matter what room you are in. Reading interventions will take place from 9:15-9:45 and Math Interventions will be from 3:00 -3:25. Having a school-wide intervention time allows almost every adult in our building to provide small group instruction. This ties closely to our theme of the year "Better Together." All students will be getting this extra time, allowing an additional opportunity for every student to receive focused instruction at their level or according to their needs. This is outside of or normal Special Education and Title 1 intervention systems. Now students who have the need can get double Reading and Math interventions! We are excited to push ourselves with this new system to see what kind of progress our students can make over the course of one year with all the extra supports we plan to provide!