Betsy Ross

By: La'nae, Hali, and Corduroy

Early Life

  • Went to school when six years old
  • So Betsy worked at sewing shop
  • Besty liked sewing
  • She learned reading,math and to sew

Life's Work

  • The United States in 1776 was a new country according to legend, Betsy sewed the first flag
  • It became America"s official flag in 1777
  • The flag had 13 stars and 13 stripes

Later Years

  • In 1836 she died at the age of 84
  • Today lots of people don't know if she made the first flag
  • Betsy married John Ross in 1773
  • her husband died 1776

Important Information & Fun Facts

  • The house still remands today
  • Betsy was her nick name
  • she won prizes for her work
  • John joined the army to serve our country


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