Common infectious diseases



strep throat: strep bacteria is commonly found in the nose and throat. It can be spread by contact with mucus from an infected person.

Lyme Disease: it's found in infected ticks that carry the bacteria. Can be spread by being bitten by an infected tick.

Bacterial Meningitis: it happens in the spinal cord and brain, it's a fluid. Can be caused by both virus and bacteria, but the bacteria is more serious.

Tuberculosis: it happens in lungs. it's transmitted when droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze are inhaled.

Viral DIseases

Cold: They are spread when a person touches a contaminated object or inhales droplets from a sneeze or a cough. There's no cure, just time.

Influenza: happens in the respiratory system. Spread by airborne droplets and contact with contaminated objects.

Pneumonia: happens in the lungs. happens in people who have a heart disease or breathing problem.

Hepatitis: happens in the liver.

Hepatitis A: transmitted in human wastes and in contaminated water and food.

Hepatitis B: transmitted in blood or during sexual contact.

Hepatitis C: transmitted in blood or during sexual contact.

Keeping Healthy

You can protect yourself from diseases in three ways: avoiding contact with pathogens, making sure that you immunizations are current, and choosing healthful behaviors.

wash your hands several times a day.

don't share items that can transfer pathogens.

cook and store foods properly.

avoid contact with people who are ill.

stay home when you are not feeling well.

avoid unhealthful substances like drugs.