Springboro Intermediate 6th grade math

school mission

Our primary goal is to create an environment that is conducive to learning where students come to school excited and eager to learn. We will challenge and support our students to grow and become high level learners. We maintain high expectations that our students will not only achieve, but also excel!

Technology Use!!!!!!

My class as well as others have a BYOT ( Bring Your Own Technology) policy for your student's laptop, but will also be using an Ipad in class that the school will provide.

I will show the students videos like the one below to show them where they can get some extra help

How to Do Ratios for Middle School Math : Math Fundamentals

Diversity statement

With our school and community being 90% white our class might not seam divers but with students having different experiences than others makes use very divers.

Check out the link below to view our school system's parent web page.