December Newsletter


Made By: Raj, Joshua.D, Kushal, James

Enjoy :) We also have created something called the 7F Awards.

Assignments/Projects RULE!!!

In this year we did several Assignments. Such as our newsletter, 2 Comments, Spent, and we have started our History Film Assignment. Now Time for the 7F Awards!!!!!
Matt Damon fights for safe water

Skip to 1:39 For the part we watched!

What Rachel Wrote.


Think of how much water you have used today. How much do you really think when you use water? Your food is cooked with CLEAN water, your clothes are washed with soap and CLEAN water. I have always known that clean water and just water in general was a problem in some countries, but this year I have learned a lot more, and I have been able to connect better. I admit that I was about to criticize Matt for doing the challenge with toilet water because it is the same as tap water, just a different connection to the pipeline. Then I realized that I can’t really criticize him because I did the challenge too. I almost regret doing the challenge too because I wasn’t doing anything to help ALS, and I was just wasting water. Matt Damon actually tries to help, and do something for the community, and here I am, just sitting around worrying about what goes on in the world, but doing nothing. It’s not that hard to give $100, especially when you’ll get it back. Donating is even better, but that’s the point of a loan. You get your money back! I appreciate people like Matt Damon, so maybe we should try to be more like him.

The Best Comment for Im for Climate Change Goes to......... Joshua D

What Josh Wrote

Climate change is a big thing to stop. We probably can’t stop it that easily. The world now has many people greedy for money. They don’t care about what will be the consequence of their choices.

In the video it said “Plant a tree.” In the first place, we wouldn’t even need to plant a tree. The reason we are planting trees now is because people nowadays are cutting huge amounts of trees while wasting them. We need wood, but that does not give us an excuse to overuse it. Same idea with oil.

After some person finds a way to make millions or even billions they just go crazy. They don’t care about what will happen to the environment. As long as they get money, they don’t care. I feel that the world mainly has climate change because of these greedy people. Even if they don’t care we can make a difference too.

Im for Climate Action

I'm for Climate Action

The Spent Award Goes to.......... Raj!!!!!!

What Raj Wrote.

What challenges did you face?

The Challenges I face were much like what our parents do in real life. It was either a bad answer or a good answer. You had to go through a series of problems and see which one would be best. Its a lot like real life. Its a lot like real life because you need to choose something for your future to be good. For example my tooth in this simulation needed to be fixed and instead of not fixing it I put on Numbing Gel. That might have sounded like a good idea but then I got a tooth disease and to get it fixed I had to pay Four-Hundred dollars. Which I could not spend because I needed it for my bills.This is something we as kids might have to learn to do when we grow up. We should only spend money on things that we really need such as medication. Even if it costs a Thousand Dollars we have to learn to work that off by working even harder. Another Scenario is when someone came up to me and said I can get you a raise. I accepted it thinking I would get more money but then I lost my job. That tells us that we should legally get money not try to sneak something in. Everything that happened could happen in real life to YOU. Now the question is would you want end up like someone who just blows their money in seconds or a wise family person.

What were you thinking as you progressed each day?

What I was thinking when i progressed each day was things that normal family members would do. I was thinking how are my kids, will anything happen to them, what will I have to face next, those kind of things. Will I be safe and still have everything I need or will I get in trouble and lose my job for some reason. Or will I get some disease or even something breaks. These are possibility's that could have happened to the character I was playing as. I have a feeling that most parents may actually relate to this game a lot. If its about the depression or if its something like being broke. I know a hundred percent that only a quarter of this world has not been through what this simulation is telling us.

Why were you facing these challenges?

I was facing all these challenges to make me understand that life isn't easy. Life comes with great risks and not everything can just be handed to you like a glass of water. YOU have to work for everything you do. That doesn't mean you can go and get black money by doing something illegal it means that you HAVE to take a RISK and take job offers and try them out. Doing something illegal wont make anything better it will just ruin your life more.It will just kill you and even take you into the most deep problem of all. Jail. Do you know what your going to say later... I'm sorry I didn't know. Just saying, bud. Sorry doesn't make up for anything. Sorry means you will not do it ever again.

The challenges we got were things that will and could happen to you in real life. There is NO escape to life.

Was anyone responsible for the challenges you faced? Who? Why?

No one was responsible except for me. It took me through as series of questions and I had to put my opinion. I was responsible for everything I did and if I did something wrong. I had no one to blame but myself. Which is a really good message for some people. Maybe Babe Ruth should make that a saying. No one is Responsible for your mistakes. That would be an amazing quote. I would rate it ten out of ten. (just because I made it).But anyways I have to be aware of my choices because it can reflect other people.

How are challenges like these over-come?

Challenges like these cannot be overcome. You just have to simply deal with what life has in its hands. You cannot just wish for miracles to happen to you. If there is a will there are problems. Its like when you drink a lot of carrot juice. Its healthy but if you take too much it can also give you a problem. Another way to say it could be is Greed is they key to the doors of death. I made every message up there. (Just Saying) You can overcome the challenges by just taking the smarter choice no matter how expensive it may be you just earn the money back with your job. But at the same time don't go overboard and spend over your budget.

Play Spent For Yourself! .

Now The Final Award For the Info Graph goes to........ RONIT & MELISSA!!!!!

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Now lets talk about our class

We have a beautiful class with an very Intelligent Teacher. I would like you to meet 7f And Mr.Ignatius. Mr.Ignatius is a one of a kind teacher. He dislikes paper and loves tech. That is the reason you are seeing most of our homework done on our blog.

KidBlog has all the info that a parent needs to know about there child in Lass.

Important Facts of the Month.

1. "Scent Free" Zone

As a requirement of the Peel District School Board, students and parents are reminded that Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public School is a "Scent Free" Zone. Students are required to wear scent free products in our school and we appreciate your Support in this matter.

2. Safe Welcome Program

The front doors of our school will be locked during the school day. This is part of the Safe Welcome program announced by the government in December 2012 for all elementary schools in Ontario. Portable doors will also be locked. A camera and buzzer unit is installed and is linked to a monitor in the main office. Anyone (parents, staff and visitors) who wishes to access the school once the school day has begun will request entry by pressing the buzzer. Staff in the main office will be able to see and speak to the person and release the door lock to provide access. Our lunchhour is 11:16 am - 12: 16 pm and you may experience further delays for access as student office helpers will only answer the buzzer and must locate an adult to provide access. Please be patient in adjusting to this new procedure in order to provide further safety and well-being of all students and staff at RHL.

3. RHL – Student Arriving To School Late Policy.

Arriving at school on time is important in order to support their learning. We understand that on occasion there are circumstances that will result in late arrivals. The policy below is designed to assist in supporting students' needs and promote punctual arrivals at school.

5 LATES – The students homeroom teacher will send home a letter to parents to be signed indicating that 5 lates have been accumulated.

10 LATES – The students homeroom teacher to call parents to discuss the issue of late arrivals with parents and determine the reason for continued tardiness and discuss strategies to support arriving at school on time.

15 LATES – The homeroom teacher will refer the student to the schools Contact Program in order to set up 2 in school lunch detentions and to contact parents.

Should students continue to be late after 15 occurrences the student will be referred to the Vice Principal and further progressive disciplinary action may be taken.

Robert H Laugerquist Number. (just in case)


Thank you for reading this Newsletter for NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Made by Raj,Kushal,Joshua.D,and James