Bulldogger Tech Talk

September 16-20, 2019

TOP Motivational Video for TEACHERS | Professional Development | Jeremy Anderson

Can you improv a coherent presentation from images you have never seen?

Enter a tag, press play, and see how well you can communicate a coherent message illustrated by 20 random photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds. Advanced options let you change the number of images and/or the timing. Engage students with completely new material every time they get up to speak!

PechaFlickr helps students learn to think quickly and utilize their visual presentations with their speech. Students can tell stories, speak on a topic, or anything you can think of. PechaFlickr is great brain exercise!

Note: You may not have time for the whole video over PechaFlickr, but the creator, Alan Levine, shows how it can be utilized in the classroom.

SCC TechTalks 2013 Speaker Alan Levine
Big picture
The 2019 Fall Foliage Prediction Map is a feature of the SmokyMountains.com website. The map displays a week-by-week prediction of when leaves in the continental United States will be changing colors from now through the end of November. You can see the predictions change by moving the timeline at the bottom of the map.

On the same page as the 2019 Fall Foliage Prediction Map there is a graph of average temperatures in the United States since 1900. The graph is accompanied by a short explanation of why leaves change colors in the fall and the relationship to air temperatures.

The 2019 Fall Foliage Prediction Map doesn't tell the whole story of why leaves change colors at different times in different parts of the country. I'd use the incomplete nature of the map's explanation as a jumping-off point for students to hypothesize and investigate why leaves change colors at different times in different parts of the country. I might also have them investigate why some trees have brighter leaves than others in the fall. There are several directions this lesson could go. Here are a couple of short videos that can be used to accompany your lessons!

Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Why Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?