Ashleigh Rushly

What is Satire?

Satire is making fun of or to criticize someone or something, in order to teach them a lesson. It can be in a friendly way, or a non-friendly way.

Techniques of Satire

There are lots of different techniques of Satire. But there are 4 that are mainly used.


To enlarge, increase or represent something beyond normal bounds. It becomes ridiculous and the faults can be seen. Caricature is a good example, because it exaggerates a physical feature or trait. Its also seen in political cartoon's and advertisement. This is an exaggeration because it exaggerates the situation with isis in a way that is easy to understand it but puts it to a point that is ridiculous.


Present something that is out of place or absurd for its surroundings. (Oxymoron, metaphor, and irony.) This is an example of Irony because the bus says "Safety begins with you" as it is hitting a car.


Presenting the opposite of the normal order. (Order of events, hierarchal order) This is very reversal because usually humans take animals skins and in the picture the animals are taking the "skin" of the human.


To imitate the techniques and style of some person, place, or thing in order to comment on or criticize the original. The audience has to be familiar with the original situation that is being made fun of in order to understand it. This is a parody because it's making fun of the picture "American Gothic" with replacing the people with minons.

The Office

The t.v. show "The Office" mocks gender norms and stereo types. It also mocks issues in the life of a cooperate office.
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Satire video

This video helped me to understand satire and the different techniques that you will use. It showed examples from a t.v. show, and it made me laugh along the way.
Simpsons Satire for the Classroom

My satirical meme


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