Best & worst times of the 1920's

by: Tonishia Mitchell & Preshis Jackson


Worst Times
  • Prohibition (The Noble Experiment) Time period in American history were there was a legal ban on alcohol & manufacturing, this law happened on January 16th 1920 to protect families and their children from getting ill.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act: The Chinese people except for foriegn students were not allowed to enter into Canada, this act did not apply to Chinese from China and Chinese with Britian nationality.
Best Times
  • Lincoln Memorial dedicanted in Washington D.C.: Dedicated by Warren G Harden Abraham Lincolns only living son Robert Todd Lincoln attended the opening. Events involoving black's occured here singer Marian Anderson was denied of her performance because of her skin color, also the famous Martin Luther king gave his "I have a dream" speech.
  • 1st Academy Awards: Held on May 16 1929 250 people attended the ceremony, compared to awards today it was quiet and private since ceremonies have been going for 80 years they became big traditions.


Best Times

  • Women Gain Rights: Female's advanced in the workforce as more women began to get hired for office jobs. They also gained several rights and a freer lifestlye. In 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed in the United States, granting suffrage to women.

Worst Times

  • Jewish Immigrants: over 2.4 million jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe caused anti-semitism enemies against jews.
  • Scopes trial: Symbolism of faith.

The Roaring Twenties!


Worst Times

  • Unemployment: During world war I many businesses and factories closed, and the army discharged millions of soldiers.
  • Stock Markets crash: Investors shared millions on the New York stock billions of dollars wiped out investors into great depresion.
Best Times

  • Advertisment: Before the 1920's most advertisments were vast there were no phrases or catch phrases. They were to design campaigns; and build up name brands.
  • Ford: This automobile revolutionized the way familes came together and got around.


Best Times

  • Election of 1928: They elected a catholic president, the president is Al Smith, he doubled the democratic vote of 1920.
  • Womens rights: American women recieved the right to vote after the 19th amendment passed.
Worst Times

  • Red Scare: Bombs were found after WWI, this sparked fears of live ammunition, communism and labor producing a "red scare".
  • Harding's Scandal's: He performed many scandals and accepted bribery with his office. It was known as the Teapot scandal.