Mrs. Byrd's English II

September 21-25

"Be so good they can't ignore you." -Steve Martin


  • Writing Workshop on Wednesday! Our classes will be going at several different time! Please make sure you know when you are scheduled.
  • Period 1 Schedule
  • Period 2 and 3 - Schedule
  • Friday we have our Unit II Vocabulary test! Unit I words will be included. Make sure you are studying!

Monday, September 21

Sub - Byrd out sick

Essential Question:

How do I prove the theme or central idea with textual evidence?


Start reading and marking articles for Writing Workshop

Tuesday, September 22

Essential Question: What will be our focus for the FSA Writing this year?

Do Now:

Vocabulary practice or

Period 1 - Unit 1 retake (If you did not score an acceptable score on the test last Friday)

Period 2 - Unit 1 retake (If you did not score an acceptable score on the test last Friday)

We need to get completely caught up today - including me!

- "Where I am From"

- The Portrait Poem

- Intro To Poetry Notes

- Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz and Retake if necessary

- "Firework" analysis

- All "Do Nows"

The prompt: Write an argument justifying your position for or against cloning. Include evidence from multiple sources to support your claim, remembering to address your audience’s concern(s).

Preparation for writing workshop:

Choose a side that you feel the most comfortable working with in the writing workshop.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 23 - 24

Check the schedule for your workshop times!

Using your Writing Workshop as a resource - write your essay.

Friday, September 25

Use your Writing Workshop folder - make sure your essay is properly written before turning it in to CANVAS.

Period 1

Period 2 and 3

Unit 2 Vocabulary Review

Period 1

Period 2 and 3

After completing the multiple choice practice test - locate your vocabulary terms in a sentence and copy and paste it into the assignment. The sentence must contain context clues.