Building without instructions


When you are building lego you might think you can't build anything without instructions.

Well a lot of people think that,but you can build AWESOME creations without instructions. For example this is my helicopter I built without instructions.

My garage

This is my garage

These are all the lego builds I've made without instructions .

You can build things like this if you put your mind to it!

The Challenge

Now I will give you a challenge. The challenge is I give you a couple of these Lego pieces and you have to build something awesome now I need 4 volunteers. Now start the challenge you only have 1 minute! Your time starts NOW!

My Turn!

You did pretty good, but now do you want to see what I can make with some Lego?

I'm pretty sure you want to see me do it. Am I right. Raise your hand if you want to see me build something with this Lego. I'll do it I have 1 minute to complete the creation. Please count down from 5 . 5,4,3,2,1 GO!!!!!

Time to vote!

Okay guys I'm done my creation. Why don't we have a vote. If you like my creation put your hand up.If you think it is bad put your hand up.

Goodbye My Friends!

Okay guys this was really fun, but I think my teacher time is over. I hope I inspired you to use your Imagination when making something.The End or is it?!