GVHS Cardinal Announcements

Distance Learning begins on Tuesday, March 31st

Welcome Back Students!

FIRST DAY OF DISTANCE LEARNING will be Tuesday, March 31st at 8:00 am.

Welcome back Cardinals! As you know we all are experiencing some historical and unique times. Your teachers have been hard at work this week preparing learning experiences for you as we look to finish out the final quarter. Although we are all working from home this last quarter is extremely important as it still counts towards your credits and graduation. So HANG IN THERE together we will get through this!

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Distance Learning: Tuesday, March 31st

Tuesday, March 31st:

8:00 am - ALL students will meet virtually with their advisor through Google Meet. Your advisor will be reaching out to you with a phone call and an invite to your email. In that email will be the link to join the rest of your classmates in a google hangout! After your advisory meeting classes will be as scheduled. (There will be no advisory at the end of the day on Tuesday the 31st.)

Wednesday, April 1st - until the school opens

Classes will be as scheduled

Norms for a Virtual Google Meeting

  • Silence your microphone before you enter the meeting. This attempts to prevent disruption to what is already going on in the meeting. Your advisor or teacher will let you know when to turn them on.

  • Do not present your screen to the meeting without permission.

  • If you have a question, please write it in the chat feed. If it’s really important, you may unmute yourself and say your own name as a way to get the teachers attention. Please wait to be acknowledged before you say more.

  • Only use the chat feed for school-related business.

  • When the session is over, HANG UP! If using Meet, do not use the link or enter the meeting space outside of the scheduled class period for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions about the School Day

The first thing to always keep in mind is that things are "business as usual" as far as the classroom goes. The only difference is that you are at home and not actually in school. We will also do the best we can given the circumstances.

Q: Do we have to attend the advisory meeting on the 31st?

A: Yes. Your advisors will further explain some things and go over how the next few weeks will look. They will also answer additional questions and let you catch up with your classmates in your advisories. This time will also get ALL of us on the same page.

Q: How will I know what my assignments are and where do I get them?

A: You will be using Google Classroom just like you did in the past. If your teacher did not have a Google Classroom check your email they should be setting one up.

Q: Will I be doing a google hangout every day in every class?

A: No, but you will be seeing virtual instruction at least 1-2 times a week. This could come in two forms.

  1. The teacher will record their instruction and then post it in google classroom for you to watch.
  2. It will be a live virtual meeting. Look ahead in google classroom so you don't miss it. Your Teacher will also be recording all of their sessions to post in case you need to go back and listen to it again.

Q: How will I know if there is a google meeting with my class?

A: Look ahead in google classroom or look for the invite in your email.

Q: What if I get my work done early?

A: Then you're done with that class for the day! Look at other classes and get even further ahead.

Q: What if I have a question for the teacher or I need help?

A: There are a couple of ways to do this.

  1. If you have a question during the scheduled class time your teacher will have a link posted on google classroom that you can talk to them live. (Please remember this is new to all of us and they may be helping another student. We will do the best we can.)
  2. Email your teacher. They may set up a time to meet with you over lunch or during their plan time if time is available. They may also record an explanation and email it to you.

Q: Can I ask questions outside of class time?

A: Yes, however, they may be busy with a scheduled class at that time.

Q: Can I get in touch with my teacher after 4:00?

A: This is up to you and the teacher to set up, although it is not required of them. (Tip: Give your teacher plenty of notice so that they can be prepared.)

Q: What if I get all my stuff done in the morning for all my classes?

A: Then you are done, congratulations (Tip: Do not forget to turn your stuff into google classroom so that the teacher knows you are done.)

Q: How will I be graded?

A: Just like you would if we were physically at the school. (Talk to your teacher about this as well. Remember it is business as usual.)

Q: How does attendance work?

A: We will look for you in live google meetings and if you are keeping up with your work. If your teacher begins to see a pattern of not attending and you are slipping they will contact you and your parents/guardians. Your teacher may also let the administration know so they can find ways to help out.

Q: What do I do about scholarships?

A: Contact Mrs. Mayfield at jmayfield@garfield16.org and she will help you.

Q: I didn't see my question here, who do I ask?

A: Your advisor when you meet with them at 8:00 am on Tuesday the 31st. You can also email Mr. McCormick or Mr. Walck and they will get back to you as soon as possible.