Are Vaccines For Kids?

By Devin Tjarks

Parents's pet peeves every step of the way.

Many People say that vaccines aren't for kids that need them now, and hold back a bit until their older, increasing the child's risks of catching, and possibly dying from, a disease like measles or small pox.

Fear Measles, Not Vaccines

Although Vaccines are pretty scary, even for me, a deadly virus is coming back to haunt us, in fact, it can be behind you, in front, and on your keyboard! It can even be partying in your ear! But to the topic at hand, Measles can only be cured by a vaccine, as well as a yearly flu shot, to cure fall flu. (Won't work for me, though.)

The downside to the needed.

Parents are holding back on some vaccines, which makes getting a virus easier, and the body can't take on the virus for long before...Death. This why many parents need to vaccinate their children before they AREN'T parents anymore, although with kids getting autism because of this, I can see why parents hold back on some "Optional" and "Required" shots.

Chart on Kid Vaccines

Chart on Kid Vaccines

Has Your Child Been Vaccinated?