DartmouthX Update

September 25, 2015

This online newsletter is one of a series of regular updates to keep you informed about what's going on with the DartmouthX project. The newsletter is produced by the project team - we hope you find it helpful! More information about DartmouthX is on the DartmouthX website and the Making-DartmouthX blog.

DartmouthX Round 2: Call for Proposals

DCAL issued a call for proposals on September 11 for the next round of DartmouthX courses. Proposals are due by October 16 - please see DCAL's website for details. Four courses will be selected for production in 2016-17.

A group discussion titled "So You (Maybe) Want to Teach a MOOC" was held on September 25 to provide information about what it's like to teach a MOOC. Designed primarily for faculty who are thinking about applying to teach a DartmouthX course, as well as faculty skeptical of MOOCs, the discussion included Dartmouth faculty who have taught or will be teaching for DartmouthX including Andy Friedland, Vicki May, Steve Swayne, Don Pease, and Jed Dobson.

Catalyzing Community: A Humanities Symposium on Digital Learning & Engagement

The American Renaissance X team is pleased to host a public symposium on MOOCs in the arts and humanities at Dartmouth on October 16.

Questions to be tackled:
  • What does it mean to teach arts and humanities disciplines for a global audience?
  • How and why might we scale learning opportunities up in the arts and humanities?
  • How have instructors adapted new digital learning strategies for the residential classroom?

Speakers include faculty from Colgate, UPenn, Harvard and our own Don Pease, Jed Dobson and Steve Swayne.

This event is co-sponsored by Educational Technologies, the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, the Friends of the Dartmouth College Library, the Leslie Center for the Humanities, the Dartmouth College English Department, and the MALS Program.

For more information, please visit the symposium website. We hope you can can attend!

DartmouthX Courses, Teams and Activities

Introduction to Italian Opera (starts October 13, 2015)

The Introduction to Italian Opera course registration is still open and enrollment to date is more than 3,800 students from 119 countries. Based upon past experience, enrollments will shoot up in the coming weeks as the launch date nears and we ramp up our marketing efforts. Speaking of which, please check out the recent DartmouthNow story about this course.

The OperaX course will be released in two 3-week components; the course team is putting the finishing touches on the first 3-week deliverable. Check out the infographic below that the team has developed for course students.

The countdown to launch is beginning soon - good luck, OperaX team!

OperaX Course Team:
  • Steve Swayne (Course Faculty)
  • Adam Nemeroff (Instructional Designer)
  • Dan Maxell Crosby (Media Production)
  • Pat Fisken (Subject Librarian)
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The American Renaissance (Winter 2016)

A report from the team:

The American Renaissance X team is sad to say goodbye to Ashley Kehoe, but thrilled that she has begun her new role as the associate director of Dartmouth's Experiential Learning initiative! We wish her all the best and look forward to the great things her work will accomplish.

Ashley has been so important to the team that we’ve had to replace her with two people: Mike Goudzwaard and Erin DeSilva will be the instructional designers on the course moving forward. Mike brings his extensive EdX experience from Dartmouth's ENVx course, and we are thrilled to have him. Erin joined Dartmouth relatively recently and brings her online learning experience from a variety of course types and sizes.

American Renaissance X will be open for registration this October, and is looking forward to course launch in February 2016!

ENGLx Course Team:
  • Don Pease (Course Faculty)
  • Jed Dobson (Course Faculty)
  • Mike Goudzwaard (Instructional Designer)
  • Erin DeSilva (Instructional Designer)
  • Mike Murray (Media Production)
  • Sawyer Broadley (Media Production)
  • Laura Braunstein (Subject Librarian)
  • Alan Cattier (Alumni Advisor)