By- Lyndon Dalton

Mountains, glaciers, and fjords oh my!

Norway is located west of Sweden and has many glaciers and mountains considering how far north it is. Its temperatures are from 69.8F to -7F. The most common natural land forms would be, Mountains, glaciers, and fjords.


Its government

Norway is a constitutional monarchy, which means it has a king or queen and is passed down by their sons or daughters. Their Prime minister is Erna Solberg, and the King is Harald V.



Norway uses Norwegian krones which are equal to .12 USD. Norways GDP per capita is $64.4k. Norway usually exports petroleum, aluminum and fish. The country also imports Ships, Computers and molten nickel.

Its social "stuff"

Most of the Norwegians are Lapps. Children usually start school when they are six. Norway has a system that makes sure that all the kids learn everything they need.

Its Religion, language and Flag

Norway is mostly Protestant Christians. And most used languages are Norwegian, Bokmål, Nynorsk.

Norways Holidays and food!

Norway celebrates many days that we celebrate like Valentine's day and Christmas, but they do have their own holidays to, like King Harald V day and Queen Sonja's day. Most Norwegians eat bread regularly with butter. And they love seafood!

Data, Data, Data, Data, Data

Norways population density is 14 people per square mile. Norway's per capita income is 97,307.4 USD. The people of norway are mostly Lapps. And most of their religions are Lutheran-Protestant Churches. Most people speak Norwegian.

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