Virtual Cookoff

June 2021

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Virtual Cookoff Winners

Check out the announcement video of our top 5 competitors from the Virtual Cookoff, who will get the chance to compete in our Live National Cooking Competition on Wednesday, July 28th at 12pm EST that can be watched via FaceBook Live on the K12, A Stride Company FaceBook page!

Virtual Cookoff Winners

Live National Cooking Competition

The top 5 competitors from the Virtual Cookoff will be invited to participate in a Live Cooking Competition held via Zoom Webinar.

Competitors will have 30 minutes to create a meal for one using this list of ingredients + any pantry staples:

  • at least one green ingredient
  • an ingredient that starts with a ā€œCā€
  • an ingredient from the freezer
  • a source of protein
  • at least three spices that are not salt or pepper

Pantry staples include :

  • Flour (or gluten free substitute)
  • Milk (or lactose free option)
  • Egg
  • Butter
  • Oil (olive/veg/canola)
  • White Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper

The competitors must be on camera with their entire workspace in view for the duration of the competition.

Competitors will receive a 5-minute warning, and at 30 minutes all competitors must stop what they are doing and present their dish to the judges in whatever form it is in.