Weekly Wellness Update

Week of November 8-12 - Remember to Look After Yourself

Parents Take Care of Yourselves

Self-care. It’s a recommended mantra—and practice—for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking care of yourself helps in two ways. One—it gives you the energy to care for your family. Two—it preserves and protects your mental and physical health.

“How you care for yourself varies from person to person,” says Keri-Lynn Strain, the manager of Healthy Parents, Healthy Children at Alberta Health Services. “You could ask a dozen people how they care for and get a dozen different answers. What’s common is making and taking time for yourself and for your wellbeing.”

Taking time for yourself is a great way to deal with stress. Let your partner and kids know when you need time alone to refresh.

If they ask, let them know your time alone is not because something’s wrong nor about your relationship with them. It’s a way to stay healthy.

“When you take time for yourself, you’re really making space for yourself in your life. Your mind and body get a break and a chance to re-energize. It’s meant to be about you,” Strain says.

“It’s also good to encourage your partner to self-care—in their own way. Being supported to take time for yourself is a sign of a healthy relationship.”

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