Bless and Nourish

Ahh, finally Fall!!

I love this time of year! Our family loves cold weather (I know, some of you think that its crazy to be excited for the upcoming ice and snow!). I have been diffusing some of the blends below and they make the house feel cozy and warm, give them a try!

Many of you are new to doTERRA essential oils, I hope this will help you as you learn more about the benefits of oils and this company!

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How cool would it be if you received a gift card for free products every time you placed a doTERRA order?

That is exactly what happens with the Loyalty Rewards Program! Lately, as I have been helping some friends earn free products, I realized how many of you are not taking advantage of the opportunity! I saw that a number of people order monthly but are not in the Loyalty Rewards Program. So, I figured was time to give an overview of the program and how much you can benefit from it.

Here are the key points:

1. You place a doTERRA order monthly

2. You can change your order every month to reflect your needs (doTERRA even sends you a reminder email 2 days before your order ships)

3. An order of any amount keeps you in the program, but an order of 50pv (each month) helps you to advance to higher earnings. You even earn points on shipping costs!

4. For months 1-3 you will earn 10% back with every order. After 3 months of a 50pv order, you are bumped up to 15% for months 4-6. After 3 months of a 50 pv order, you get bumped up to 20%. This pattern follows for a year, with increases of 5% every 3 months so that at month 13, you are locked into 30% back on every order, no matter the amount! All of the points accumulate in a seperate account for you to cash in as you see fit! That is 105 pv of free oils per year (with a 50 pv monthly order). Hello free Helichrysum!!

To set up a Loyalty Rewards Order, log into your account and look to the right side of the screen for a purple box titled "Create new LRP Template". You can also call member services for help at 1-800-411-8151.

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Essential Yoga- The 3rd Chakra

Friday, Dec. 11th, 6:30pm

927 East Johnstown Road

Gahanna, OH

Do you feel yourself moving through life fully confident, trusting yourself, and in your power? This multi-sensory experience will connect you to honoring the power within yourself as the focus of this workshop is your 3rd chakra. Located literally in your gut, this chakra challenges you to trust your gut in order to derive confidence, self esteem, and self acceptance so you can become the best version of yourself.

You'll enjoy grapefruit, bergamot, digestzen, juniper berry, wintergreen, lavender oils as you're guided step by step in a focused asana practice and guided relaxation. Perfect for all levels. Price $20 - current students, $23 - non current students, $25 same day registration.

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